Welcome to the photographic pages of David Jirovský


I am an amateur photographer who specializes in photographing wild birds. For me, birds have always represented something unrestrained - the symbol of limitless freedom – something I find truly appealing. Beyond this, they are beautiful living objects that are difficult to photograph.


The wildlife presented on this site is shown in its natural habitats. I refuse to photograph any form of captive, domesticated, or otherwise delimited birds, including those used in falconry or held in zoos. At the same time, my photography ethics aim to eliminate, as much as possible, any negative influence of my presence on the birds and their environment.

Even if, for the purposes of authenticity, I would like a photograph to have a documentary value, when working in the field I always strive to catch the beauty of the visual perception as best I can. Because I live in central Moravia, Czech Republic, the majority of my image collection is composed of species of wild birds which can be found within the region. Other species were photographed on my birding trips.


I rely solely on Canon photographic equipment.
Photographing wild birds is an extremely challenging, time-consuming, and expensive activity. Although I am not photographing in order to make a profit, but for pure enjoyment, if you do plan to use my photos for any purposes, please contact me. Otherwise, the use of photos from this site without my express permission is prohibited.